Your bar and tea room in the heart of Paris 7


What better way to start your day than with a delicious breakfast? We have an incredibly elegant space with stunning mouldings, paintings, elegantly arranged tables, and cosy atmosphere with ochre and warm red tones: welcome to our breakfast room.

Your first contact of the day will be with our wonderful Walentyna or Anil, both of whom are always ready to welcome guests with a warm smile from 7am to 10.30am. Start the day with one of the most difficult questions: tea or coffee? Choose your table and savour our generous and delicious buffet of French cheeses, meats, fresh fruit, selection of cereals… and, of course, our traditional pastries.

Make the most of this moment! Our team are more than happy to prepare eggs or delicious pancakes for you upon request. If you enjoy food, you are certain to be in your element!

Happily ensconced in your gorgeous room? Not yet ready to venture out? Order your breakfast with room service, and we will bring it to your room with pleasure! Enjoy it in perfect peace and quiet.

Bar - Tea Room

Be tempted by a tasty cup of tea or a delightful glass of wine in our bar and tea room. After a stroll or before heading back to your room, enjoy some time in our beautiful bar and tea room area. This stunning room in our gorgeous Parisian hotel is bathed in light thanks to its magnificent octagonal skylight. This room is an all-purpose facility: a breakfast area in the morning, it transforms into an elegant and intimate bar in the afternoon and evening. Our quirky bar boasts beautiful black and white marble flooring, traditional Parisian mouldings, golden furnishings designed by Sophie Malebranche and a stunning skylight with beautiful views of Paris extending from the ceiling to the wall. This completely open space, in the heart of the 7th arrondissement, is used as both a bar and a tea room and extends as far as our stunning lobby highlighted with colourful touches and fantastic decorative designs.

A sit down and a nice cup of tea…What a pleasure!

Luxuriate in front of the fire in one of our lusciously soft armchairs and enjoy the delicate atmosphere. Succumb to the pleasures of the palate in our Parisian bar and tea room. Take this opportunity to savour a delicious afternoon tea accompanied by a delectable pastry. The Hôtel Bourgogne & Montana offers a great selection of teas from around the world including green, black, oolong and other teas – sample exotic flavours and take your senses on a journey of discovery. This is an invitation to savour some genuine gourmet delights, so take advantage of this opportunity and allow yourself to be lulled by this idyllic Parisian world.

Savour a drink in the most Parisian of settings

As evening falls, before heading out to dine or when returning to the hotel after your gourmet interlude, enjoy a moment in our tea room and bar which transforms into the most perfectly private spot to enjoy a drink. No request will remain unmet thanks to the many delectable options available. Taste one of our Kirs with burgundy wine or fall in love with a creamy cocktail. Spirits lovers have not been forgotten: our list has been designed with a team of whisky experts and boasts a wonderful selection including some 30 of the very best French and international spirits.

Our events room

Enjoy flavours combined with the elegant, discreet Parisian wellbeing when you put yourself in the hands of our attentive team. The Hôtel Bourgogne & Montana is here to provide an informal break at any time of any day, the perfect excuse to enjoy this amazing setting in the heart of Paris. Our tea room and bar can be booked for private use and adapted to suit all your professional and personal needs… All you have to do is ask!

An ode to foodies everywhere…

Room Service

The Hôtel Bourgogne & Montana does not have a restaurant but can still provide guests with delicious gourmet dishes with room service. 

Thanks to the hotel’s partnership with the company "Un dîner en ville”, guests can enjoy light and healthy dishes, day and night.  Please contact reception to place your order.